Seasons of the Soul

Winner of the 2011 Big Island Music Award for New Age Music, Seasons of the Soul takes you on a musical journey through the seasons of the year. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the year has five season (summer is split into two). On this CD, I composed music to match the seasons as Chinese Medicine understands them.

The result? A deeply relaxing, healing and chi balancing experience in just under an hour. Massage therapists and other body workers use this CD as part of their client services. Many individuals use this CD as their daily meditation.

“Cymber Lily’s harp music creates an ambiance that helps me feel anchored to my own interior.”
~ Jan Adrian, executive director, Healing Journeys.

Time Tinctures

Winner of the 2012 Big Island Music Award for New Age Music, Time Tinctures are tiny individual recordings made to address the most common spiritual ailments people face.

Originally recorded for Sounding Circles Radio (created by vocal sound healer Joule L’Adara), these are a mixture of traditional harp, and electric harp for a totally different sound.

Spa in a Box

Created to go in a package with candles and bath salts, Spa in a Box was designed to give you a spa experience at home. I am still looking for the right partner for Spa in a Box. If you know someone, please let me know.