About Cymber Lily Quinn

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 5.07.47 AM copyHi there, I’m Cymber Lily Quinn, and it’s my passion to teach music, especially Holistic Harpistry. As a maverick and a traditionalist, I enjoy showing you how to blend old and new to create your own music, and express yourself through the harp. I specialize in working with beginners and musical returnees.

Frozen Out

I was born into a musical, but icy and perfectionistic, family. Classical and traditional music were the only styles that counted. Eventually, I felt so frozen in that world that I left home and music for 25 years.

Thawing and Healing

In Hilo, Hawaii, I began to thaw out. I began to understand the trauma that I had experienced in my childhood, and worked with many healers along my journey. During that time, it became clear that the best path to healing lay in returning to music and creating my own.

Healing Power of the Harp

I had always wanted to play the harp, and so it was through the harp that I healed my life, and continue to do so today.

I am fortunate to have studied with a variety of super-talented harpists and healers, including:

  • Deborah Henson-Conant, GRAMMMY nominee – improv, blues, jazz, and celtic
  • Park Stickney, jazz harpist – jazz, improv
  • Christina Tourin, director of the International Harp Therapy Program – improv, church modes, healing music, resonant tones, celtic music
  • Susan Zevenbergen, harp teacher – improv, church modes, healing music, celtic music

How to Start to Study with Me

If you are interested in studying with me, check out my free video series, “How to Get Started Playing Holistic Harp.” And contact me. Let’s set up a time to chat and determine the next steps for you.